Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why are they sad? Church at Rancho Bernardo in San Diego is trying to change that.

We saw so many faces like this and wonder what their stories are.
These are fortunate enough to be in a school that teaches them up to 5 languages and good basic education thanks to one lady, named Sherrie Fausey who 10 years ago left everything to go to the slums of Port Au Prince, Haiti.
She was thrown into the hall on the second story and watched in horror as her bedroom collapsed during the earthquake.
Her two story 8 bedroom orphanage was completely destroyed.

Jim, as often is the case is overwhelmed with the immensity of the task. We can only help those that God puts in our path and hope it makes a difference. You play a large part in that and we thank you.

Singing by flashlight is half the fun!
Volunteers from the Church at Rancho Bernardo lift their voices in praise!

Rainy season is great.
Nothing like a mudbath for the toes.
It's like a free spa and the heat and mud are absolutely free!

Those pesky drills.

At first we thought they might be afraid of the puppets.
Maybe it was us they were afraid of???
No couldn't be.

The twins were always smiling. They loved the puppets.

Sherrie Fausey who runs the orphanage and school, me and Denise....puppet master!

I found her!!!!
This is the little girl who stole my heart from a previous trip. I know she had no clue who I was and it probably scared her silly to have this white person pick her up when ordinarily she would not get much personal attention.

Sweet little boy, same orphanage.

One orphan bathing another.

Denise arranging tools in the new shed built by the
Church at Rancho Bernardo.

David helped build it!

They were singing "I will make you fishers of men."

Last day some R&R for a hardworking crew.

These are some of Sherrie Fausey's school children. Just loved their faces.