Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enjoying the Luxury Suite

Our bed "custom built by Jim" for the Luxury Suite
made my trip alone to Haiti worth it all.
It gave me an idea how to make millions so that we
won't have to raise support, just travel the world doing missions. :)

American Airlines led me to believe that they held the airplane for me in Miami for 30 minutes. I don't actually think that's possible.
I bet they were having mechanical difficulties.

When an attendant ran me down the corridor to the door, the agent was controlling some real fury, and what he said didn't even resemble
"Welcome to the flight."

The flight attendant kindly told me to sit in the first empty seat
and get my seat belt on. Empty seats stared back at me in first class,
but being the spiritual giant that I am I walked to the back to 24 D.
Also, I didn't want to push my luck.

I did not get a heroes welcome, just stony looks
from the other passengers.
Settled and bolted in I noticed the top of my foot was swollen...... I mean swooooollen and an unusual color. I don't know what I did to it.
It doesn't hurt one bit, just looks despicable.

When I got to Haiti the pilot & crew kindly but laughingly said, "Glad you could make the flight" as I passed through the door into the wet Haitian heat.
The airport in Port Au Prince was a zoo.
Chivalry is least in Haiti.
A sweet Haitian girl helped me
pull the 50 lb suitcase off the carousel
after the 7th or 8th pass.

It got caught in the carousel and it pulled the metal binding
off the bottom. We yanked and yanked as it carried us with the moving belt and I thought the entire contents were going to end up on the floor.

While I waited for my other luggage, two worried Haitians approached me timidly and it turned out it was their suitcase.
Mine which eventually came around were unharmed.
I stood up on the back of the cart so that
I could see the carousel through the crowd of men.

A thin wiry, wrinkled Mennonite lady with faded lips about 4 ft tall
guarded my other suitcase or I probably wouldn't have it.
I was sweating like a pig, if I may be so indelicate.
When I finally got out of the bldg. porters swarm me.
One grabs my cart and wants to push it for me.
It's dangerous to go outside the locked fence area
which they have changed since last time.

I told him I was waiting for Miguel in a green shirt and
I could push my own cart.
He pushed it anyway hastily through the concrete area inside the gate.
He insisted he knew Miguel and that he was
waiting outside the gate in a truck.
I didn't believe him.

I was worried and continued to protest loudly. 100 yds later I could see the beautiful outline of Jim standing just outside the gate
as I strained my eyes through the glare.
I didn't expect him and that man is just the best looking thing I've ever seen.

I've traveled alone a lot to third world countries,
but I'm never coming to Haiti alone again.

If God didn't take care of me, I'd be lost.

This is the table we use for a dresser. We have two windows in our room. The glass is busted out of one pane which helps with additional breeze.

See the mirror in the window!

This is the bed after I add my touch.
Note the hanging fan, and the radio on the floor. Only the best!!!

I should keep a journal but I'm just too lazy. Maybe it's the heat. No, I have a lazy mind...I admit it. The donkeys and roosters wake us at 4 AM

We are excited that group of 15 volounteers from San Diego arrive this afternoon!!!!!!!